The disregard of chinese companies for the laws of the government and the human rights of workers

Basic freedoms of expression, association, and assembly are well-respected.

The disregard of chinese companies for the laws of the government and the human rights of workers

PRC authoritiestheir supporters, and other proponents claim that existing policies and enforcement measures are sufficient to guard against human rights abuses.

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However other countries and their authorities such as the United States Department of StateCanada, among othersinternational non-governmental organizations NGOssuch as Human Rights in China and Amnesty Internationaland citizens, lawyers, and dissidents inside the country, state that the authorities in mainland China regularly sanction or organize such abuses.

Jiang Tianyong, 46, is the latest lawyer known for defending government critics to be jailed. According to the news over the past two years more than have been detained in the ongoing crackdown on criticism in China.

State Department, regularly present evidence of the PRC violating the freedoms of speechmovementand religion of its citizens and of others within its jurisdiction. Authorities in the PRC claim to define human rights differently, so as to include economic and social as well as political rights, all in relation to " national culture " and the level of development of the country.

PRC officials interpret the primacy of the Four Cardinal Principles as a legal basis for the arrest of people who the government says seek to overthrow the principles.

Chinese nationals whom authorities perceive to be in compliance with these principles, on the other hand, are permitted by the PRC authorities to enjoy and exercise all the rights that come with citizenship of the PRC, provided they do not violate PRC laws in any other manner.

Numerous human rights groups have publicized human rights issues in China that they consider the government to be mishandling, including: Other areas of concern include the lack of legal recognition of human rights and the lack of an independent judiciaryrule of law, and due process.

Chinese human rights attorneys who take on cases related to these issues, however, often face harassment, disbarment, and arrest. The nationwide crackdown on human rights lawyers and activists continued throughout the year.

Activists and human rights defenders continued to be systematically subjected to monitoring, harassmentintimidation, arrest and detention.The Chinese government has also highly appraised the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, considering it the first international human rights document that has laid the foundation for the practice of human rights in the world arena.

Labor Rights in China.

The disregard of chinese companies for the laws of the government and the human rights of workers

members sent a letter to President Bush “protesting the efforts of U.S. corporations to undermine the most basic human rights of Chinese workers and block proposed new worker rights and labor standards protections in the proposed new Chinese labor law.” The media has often focused on how the Chinese government.

The latest report by Human Rights Watch about labour abuses in Chinese mining companies in Zambia is not only woefully inaccurate but also perpetuates Western racist stereotypes about China's 'neo.

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Human rights in China is a highly contested topic, especially for the fundamental human rights periodically reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, on which the government of the People's Republic of China and various foreign governments and . The latest disasters, coming in the midst of China's annual Lunar New Year celebration, highlights the bleak disregard with which Chinese companies and the state hold the lives of these workers.

Actions by the government of Indonesia have been noted as a concern by advocates for human Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have criticised the government on multiple subjects. Although the country has had national human rights institutions, the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) since , which enjoys a degree of independence from government .

The disregard of chinese companies for the laws of the government and the human rights of workers
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