Schools should prepare children for life

The role of education is to prepare children for the modern world. Schools should cut art and music out of the curriculum so that children can focus on useful subjects such as information technology. To what extent do you agree?

Schools should prepare children for life

Petersburg Times reveals, the biggest problems with public schools rest upon the fact that the year-old model of education has not been reinvented.


Expounding upon this argument, "We have been delivering education the same way since public education began in the mids. Students come to school to learn to read, write, add, subtract and become good citizens.

As a result, many are forced to question "what are public schools doing to prepare the majority of kids who will not continue on towards college? Petersburg Times additionally asserts, amidst our economic struggles, public schools have a responsibility, now more than ever, to re-evaluate the goals and practices of its programs.

Ultimately, "To reinvent education, we need to rethink our goals. In economic times like these, we need to make sure this generation is ready to work.

Petersburg Times, Austin paper The Statesman reports that its local public school is beginning to offer revised curriculum programs and opportunities. Students attending Austin public schools can engage in a new "Raise Your Hand" proposal.

Schools should prepare children for life

With this measure, students are able to pursue one of three unique pathways to earn a high school diploma. As such, students can choose a traditional college-prep program, which is similar to the current nation-wide high school pathway.

Yet, in addition to this choice, students who are more interested in electives in the fine arts can engage in the mandatory class requirements alongside an emphasized focus on their specific fine arts interests including increased music classes, advanced art and theater classes.

As our economy and society continue to evolve, public schools must adjust to meet the changing needs. Ensuring that students are prepared for the real world outside of academia is an important step.Alongside Achieve's focus on aligning standards and curriculum standards, many public school programs and leaders are seeking out powerful, engaging, and challenging ways to boost their students' preparedness for the real world.

Schools value hoop jumping. Our kids have found virtues that most children today will never have the opportunity to find.

It saddens me at how society is purposely failing children just to promote Satan’s hatred for GOD and His Creation. Academic Teaching . The role of education is to prepare children for the modern world. Schools should cut art and music out of the curriculum so that children can focus on useful subjects such as information technology.

Schools value hoop jumping. My wife of 20 years and I have three school aged children. The oldest is in 8th grade. I homeschooled her every other year for the past several years.

She is back in public school this year. Academic Teaching Doesn't Prepare Students for Life by Shelley Wright. Students are not developing the attributes they need to succeed in life: schools must revamp the curriculum to focus on skills.

'Schools should prepare students for the world of work, not college entrance exams' C.M.

Education Should Prepare Students For Work, Life | The EvoLLLution Sulivan primary school I would introduce a mandatory reading scheme, where older children spend time each week reading with the year-olds who have just started secondary education. We did this at my school in an attempt to improve literacy and it was a great initiative, helping children grow in confidence.

Rubin. If teachers want children to . Schools Should Prepare Children For Life in Society In today's information society people often think that characters from TV-shows or talkshow guests reflect our society.

Preparing Students for Life: The School-to-Work Reform Movement