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We have begun our 4th year at Robin hood and have now introduced Dental care as part of the main objectives. We have also kicked off Robin Hood Spanish School, with the main aim being to make our charity self-sustainable Target demographics:

Robin hood project

In these early accounts, Robin Hood's partisanship of the lower classes, his Marianism and associated special regard for women, his outstanding skill as an archerhis anti-clericalism, and his particular animosity towards the Sheriff of Nottingham are already clear.

The latter has been part of the legend since at least the later 15th century, when he is mentioned in a Robin Hood play script. This view first gained currency in the 16th century.

The early compilation, A Gest of Robyn Hodenames the king as 'Edward'; and while it does show Robin Hood accepting the King's pardon, he later repudiates it and returns to the greenwood. The oldest surviving ballad, Robin Hood and the Monkgives even less support to the picture of Robin Hood as a partisan of the true king.

The setting of Robin hood project early ballads is usually attributed by scholars to either the 13th century or Robin hood project 14th, although it is recognised they are not necessarily historically consistent.

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While the precise meaning of this term changed over time, including free retainers of an aristocrat and small landholders, it always referred to commoners.

The essence of it in the present context was 'neither a knight nor a peasant or "husbonde" but something in between'. The first record of a Robin Hood game was in in Exeterbut the reference does not indicate how old or widespread this custom was at the time. The Robin Hood games are known to have flourished in the later 15th and 16th centuries.

Written after[11] it contains many of the elements still associated with the legend, from the Nottingham setting to the bitter enmity between Robin and the local sheriff. Other early texts are dramatic pieces, the earliest being the fragmentary Robyn Hod and the Shryff off Notyngham [15] c.

These are particularly noteworthy as they show Robin's integration into May Day rituals towards the end of the Middle Ages; Robyn Hod and the Shryff off Notyngham, among other points of interest, contains the earliest reference to Friar Tuck.

The plots of neither "the Monk" nor "the Potter" are included in the Gest; and neither is the plot of " Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne ", which is probably at least as old as those two ballads although preserved in a more recent copy.

The Robin Hood Project was a United Kingdom-based charitable organisation, dedicated to improving the education of children in the Peruvian town of Máncora. It closed on November 2, History. Founded in , Robin Hood was the brainchild of IT Programme Manager, Magda Metwally. Magda Metwally & Para el Mundo (PaM) become partners and Area served: Peru. k Followers, 0 Following, 40 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jayceon Taylor (@therobinhoodproject). I have been helping Robin Hood Project as a volunteer for the past few months and after seeing how this is really changing the life of some children in Mancora I feel I can never do enough. It is an honour to be part of this project and contributing to the efforts and the great job that people are putting into it.5/5(11).

Each of these three ballads survived in a single copy, so it is unclear how much of the medieval legend has survived, and what has survived may not be typical of the medieval legend.

It has been argued that the fact that the surviving ballads were preserved in written form in itself makes it unlikely they were typical; in particular, stories with an interest for the gentry were by this view more likely to be preserved.

The character of Robin in these first texts is rougher edged than in his later incarnations. In "Robin Hood and the Monk", for example, he is shown as quick tempered and violent, assaulting Little John for defeating him in an archery contest; in the same ballad Much the Miller's Son casually kills a 'little page ' in the course of rescuing Robin Hood from prison.

Of my good he shall haue some,: Yf he be a por man. The first explicit statement to the effect that Robin Hood habitually robbed from the rich to give the poor can be found in John Stow 's Annales of Englandabout a century after the publication of the Gest.

That tilleth with his ploughe.

Robin hood project

No more ye shall no gode yeman: That walketh by gren-wode shawe;: Ne no knyght ne no squyer: That wol be a gode felawe. And in its final lines the Gest sums up: And dyde pore men moch god.

Within Robin Hood's band, medieval forms of courtesy rather than modern ideals of equality are generally in evidence. In the early ballad, Robin's men usually kneel before him in strict obedience: The only character to use a quarterstaff in the early ballads is the potter, and Robin Hood does not take to a staff until the 17th-century Robin Hood and Little John.

It has been influentially argued by J. Holt that the Robin Hood legend was cultivated in the households of the gentry, and that it would be mistaken to see in him a figure of peasant revolt. He is not a peasant but a yeoman, and his tales make no mention of the complaints of the peasants, such as oppressive taxes.

This was not common throughout England, but in some regions the custom lasted until Elizabethan times, and during the reign of Henry VIIIwas briefly popular at court.

Robin hood project

This fragment appears to tell the story of Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne. This includes a dramatic version of the story of Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar and a version of the first part of the story of Robin Hood and the Potter.

Neither of these ballads are known to have existed in print at the time, and there is no earlier record known of the "Curtal Friar" story.Volunteer, donate, read reviews for Robin Hood Project in Mancora, plus similar nonprofits and charities5/5(11).

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k Followers, 0 Following, 40 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jayceon Taylor (@therobinhoodproject). Robbins Library Digital Projects › Robin Hood Project › Authors and Texts › Authors and Texts. Creator Work. Andrew of Wyntoun (c. - c. ) From Andrew of Wyntoun's Orygynale Chronicle (c.


) - (Author) Anonymous. Robin Hood is a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and subsequently featured in literature and film.

Project Gutenberg and Google Books (scanned books original editions color illustrated) Robin Hood, BBC Radio 4 discussion with Stephen Knight. Organization of the Robin Hood Projects RHP Organizational principles – Projects cannot apply themselves – Project can only be proposed by members (in practice when a project is interested to apply it needs to find a member, or become a member).

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