Lesson plan form 1

The teaching and learning approach that you can use to plan your teaching are Inquiry-discovery learning Discovery Learning is a method of inquiry-based instruction and is considered a constructivist based approach to education.

Lesson plan form 1

Review other methods of graphing, particularly using an x-y t-chart.

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Make sure students understand what the graph of a linear equation represents To promote interest and motivation for learning a new method, have a student come to the board and race them to see who can graph the fastest.

Have the student use the t-chart and the teacher use slope and y-intercept. I tell them that I needed them to understand that the line they were drawing includes all solutions to the equation.

Without the t-chart, that idea is sometimes lost in translation. Again, it is important see Common Core Standards that students understand what the graph picture represents. Use the powerpoint presentation to introduce slope-intercept form and what the different parts of the equation mean. Slides are included here to review slope if you need to.

Then there are several slides that show, through animation, using the y-intercept as your starting point, and the slope as your directions to get to another point on the line.

There are a variety of examples here including negative slopes, y-intercept of zero, and the challenging horizontal and vertical lines.

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Each slide includes the check of seeing whether the line leans to the right positive slope or to the left negative slope. The last two slides show what happens when we keep the same slope but change the y-intercept, and what happens when we keep the y-intercept the same and change the slope.

These can be referenced later when you teach parallel and perpendicular lines. I usually have the students doing the powerpoint problems along with me using their individual whiteboards and markers. Graph paper would work just as well. This way my guided practice is a part of the lesson, rather than an afterthought.

Students generally like the animation in the slides and participate well to see if they can get the answer before we show how to do it at the screen. I try to give them homework in two parts. A day or two later, I give them a handout attached and a time limit.

If they really understand the process, they should be able to do several of them rather quickly. I have a handout with 24 equations on it and I will give them about minutes to complete it. This handout also previews solving systems of equations because I have them put two graphs on each coordinate plane.

Later, it makes a great reference and they bring in some prior knowledge when we start solving systems.Daily Lesson Plan Templates. Find below a selection of Daily Lesson Plan Templates for use in your K classroom.

Templates may be in various different formats that can be customized for a Teacher's particular needs Lesson Plan Form Template. Lesson Plan Reminder Template. Lesson Plan Template (Black Border) Lesson Plan Template 1.


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Lesson plan form 1

Relationship between the .

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