Harappa and mohenjo-daro writing a check

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Harappa and mohenjo-daro writing a check

What is true and false about its depictions of history. What are the social-political implications. How to watch it for entertainment as well as education. First, lets try to understand what is the Indus-Saraswati civilization? Over towns and cities that were part of this civilization have been discovered — with similarities in architecture, tiles etc.

The first discovery was made in the beginning of the 20th century: What is known is that this civilization was very advanced.

It had 2 storey houses made of bricks in other ancient civilizations, harappa and mohenjo-daro writing a check used stoneshad running water, sewage system, well-planned cities, wide roads…all this at the time of the pyramids and even before. Its technological advancements are well established.

What is the relation between this civilization and Vedas? Hence they posit the foreign origins of this Vedic civilization. The implications of this theory are the North-South divide — they say that the South Indians are Dravidians, while North Indians are predominantly Aryans.

It also creates the Brahmin-Dalit divide, because Dalits are told that these foreign Aryans became privileged Brahmins to suppress the native Dalits. So it has political ramifications. So what if these culture and their theology are of foreign origin, there is nothing Bharatiya anyway.

Some of the common arguments between Western and Bharatiya Indologists are: Westerners say horses are not found in the Bharatiya sub-continent, hence the Vedas could not have originated here. Bharatiya Indologists say its not true, and there is evidence of horses being native to Bharat too.

Another contested issue is the language spoken by this civilization. The movie is taking stands one way or the other, and putting out some messages.

The movie has high production quality. There is surface level Bollywood style entertainment, but also deep subliminal messages about history, language and social structures. Lets find out what these subliminal messages are: In the movie, very often when the people are speaking it says in parantheses at bottom the actual language being spoken: The movie has no symbolic presence of Vedic culture like fire rituals, chanting of Om etc.

They do have a priest weaing saffron, who does puja to Mother goddess the river. As per Western Indologists, the foreign Vedic culture was very masculine and did not use images — they worshipped fire etc. The movie is showing a period before Vedas have come, before Sanksrit — the issue of how Sindhi is spoken if Sanskrit is not there is left unanswered.

The traders from the Middle East are portrayed as high-class people, who are given high respect by locals. There are Roman style gladiatoral fights where those punished have to fight huge cannibals. There are whirling dancers, like you see in Turkey today.

So Ganga river was discovered by the refugees from Mohenjo Daro. According to our tradition, Ganga is Goddess, and the river is her manifestation; it was not randomly named by someone. A very important position is taken on the symbols, without it being said.

Symbols represent either the King, or different trades farmer etccertain symbols in copper are a token of privilege like a VIP pass.

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And in certain cases, the symbols act as receipts or approvals for trading purposes. So this is in line with what Western Indologists have said for the last 20 years — that the symbols from the Indus-Saraswati civilization do not represent any script and that no written language existed then.

Amazingly, it is claimed that these people had built very sophisticated cities, with consistent features across space and time, all without writing down their plans, mathematics etc. The horse is shown as an animal brought from a foreign country.

The social structure is shown as very progressive — women are very emancipated, debating etc. Hence society is shown as progressive, before it gets captured by Vedas and rigid Hinduism. How did Mohenjo daro get destroyed?

Some say the earth moved and river disappeared, some say the foreign Aryans destroyed it, but this movie says the cause was a man-made flood. These people then become refugees and move further East and discover a mighty river which they name Ganga.The civilization, with a writing system, urban centers, and diversified social and economic system, was rediscovered in the s after excavations at Mohenjo-daro in Sindh near Larkana, and Harappa, in west Punjab south of Lahore.

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harappa and mohenjo-daro writing a check

Harappan unicorn symbol and issue of horse to prove Indus valley and vedic civilizations are one and the same Unicorn and missing horse in Harappan Seals Unicorn seal is the first seal found in harappan excavation.

Buddhism, the religion of Mohenjodaro & Harappa cities by Swapan Kumar Biswas, , Orion Books edition, in English - 1st ed. The Indus script is an unknown writing system, and the inscriptions discovered are very short, comprising no more than five signs on the average.

With good reasons, the prospects of a successful decipherment have been considered meagre at best. This is one of the Seals found at the site in Harappa and of course Mohenjo-Daro it was later identified to be some sort of unicorn like animal. Mohenjo-Daro was known as being mysterious but after reading this in my opinion, it does not seem so mysterious anymore.

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