Essay about ethnocentrism

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Essay about ethnocentrism

Ethnocentrism Essay Ethnocentrism Essay This example Ethnocentrism Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Ethnocentrism plagues all peoples and countries, but its consequences are particularly important for a global power such as the United States.

Americans tend to view the rest of the world from the presumption that U. Ethnocentrism pervades all aspects of American life, including scholarly works in the field of comparative politics as well as U.

Ethnocentrism dominated the works Essay about ethnocentrism the earliest scholars in comparative politics, such as Karl Essay about ethnocentrism, Carl Friedrich, and Hannah Arendt. These scholars analyzed other countries from a Western-centric position, focusing their study on comparative constitutions, comparative legal systems, and various institutions of government such as the Parliament, the executive, and judicial institutions.

The logic was that if countries imitated the United States or Western Europe, they would improve. However, others, such as Roy Macridis, contended their approach was not genuinely applicable to non-Western and developing countries, which had their own ways of doing things.

Although his critique spurred subsequent scholars to pursue a systematic comparative approach, their work continued to be plagued with ethnocentrism.

David Easton, for example, attempted to establish a general, unbiased, presumably universal theory through integrating different aspects of political life as a system. His analysis, however, included inputs e. Exogenous factors, for instance, the decline of colonialism and the resulting independence of many former colonies of the British Empire, presented the opportunity to shift farther away from the legalistic-formalistic approach and toward a less ethnocentric analysis of world politics, but the new field of political development continued to be grounded in ethnocentrism in practice.

Economists Karl Polanyi, W. Rostow, and Alexander Gerschenkron asserted that economic growth drove social and political development or democratization, but their approach remained as ethnocentric as the legalistic-formalistic approach because it featured a universal model of a linear trajectory resulting in a democratic-capitalistic society.

In fact, their theoretical progression has failed to manifest in the new developing nations; economic and social change seem uncorrelated. Ethnocentrism also affected sociologists such as Talcott Parsons, who advanced a set of presumably universally valid categories e.

Yet his pattern variables dichotomized traditional and modern systems, creating an absoluteness about development, and it wreaked havoc on the developing nations as it sometimes undermined the very institutions e.

Essay about ethnocentrism

Other sociologists, including Daniel Lerner, Seymour Lipset, and Karl Deutsch, developed their own theses of modernization and democratization that made Western political and economic institutions the inevitable conclusion of a unilinear development model.

The economists and sociologists had a heavy influence on political scientists, including Easton and Almond. Some scholars, notably Samuel Huntington, challenged ethnocentrism, and a few constructed indigenous models of development.

These challenges, however, failed to affect the field significantly.

They also failed to affect American foreign policies, which have been deeply shaped by the unilinear development model. For instance, American foreign aid to promote democracy, capitalism, and civil society failed to consider indigenous conditions and imposed a U.

Recently, however, a trend is emerging in the United States to counter ethnocentrism.The ethnocentric individual will judge other groups relative to his or her own particular ethnic group or culture, especially with concern to language, behavior, customs, and religion.

These ethnic distinctions and sub-divisions serve to define each ethnicity’s unique cultural identity. [ Cultural relativism is the principle that an individual human’s beliefs . This begins my essay entitled, Cybism and Decoding the Letter: Countering Mass Culture’s Reductional Breakdown Through Afrofuturistic Forms of Representation and Emergent Platforms Or something like that.

The inspiration for this effort is the work of the first phase of modern graffiti/hip-hop art pioneers who have explored Afrofuturism as a theme: Rammellzee, Futura (formerly Futura.

Ethnocentrism essays Ethnocentric, derived from the Greek words of Ethnos, meaning race, people or cultural group, and Kentrikos, meaning concentrated about or directed to a center is a word that greatly describes many cultures on this planet we call Earth. The official definition of Ethnocen.

Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism is the tendency to look at the world primarily from the perspective of one's own culture. Ethnocentrism often bring about the belief that one's own race or ethnic group is the most important and/or are superior to . This sample Ethnocentrism Essay is published for informational purposes only.

Free essays and research papers READ MORE HERE. - Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism is the name given to a tendency to interpret or evaluate other cultures in terms of one's own.

This tendency has been, perhaps, more prevalent in modern nations than among preliterate tribes.

Essay about ethnocentrism
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