Arts in culture

The blend of local cultures and diverse influences make for a melting pot of creativity that never disappoints. The Cultural Industries Growth Strategy capitalises on the economic potential of the craft, music, film, publishing and design industries.

Arts in culture

The Parthenon on top of the AcropolisAthensGreece Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures.

Architectural design usually must address both feasibility and cost for the builderas well as function and aesthetics for the user. Table of architecture, CyclopaediaIn modern usage, architecture is the art and discipline of creating, or inferring an implied or apparent plan of, a complex object or system.

The term can be used to connote the implied architecture of abstract things such as music or mathematicsthe apparent architecture of natural things, such as geological formations or the structure of biological cellsor explicitly planned architectures of human-made things such as softwarecomputersenterprisesand databasesin addition to buildings.

In every usage, an architecture may be seen as a subjective mapping from a human perspective that of the user in the case of abstract or physical artifacts to the elements or components of some kind of structure or system, which preserves the relationships among the elements or components. Planned architecture manipulates space, volume, texture, light, shadow, or abstract elements in order to achieve pleasing aesthetics.

This distinguishes it from applied science or engineeringwhich usually concentrate more on the functional and feasibility aspects of the design of constructions or structures.

In the field of building architecture, the skills demanded of an architect range from the more complex, such as for a hospital or a stadiumto the apparently simpler, such as planning residential houses.

Many architectural works may be seen also as cultural and political symbolsor works of art. The role of the architect, though changing, has been central to the successful and sometimes less than successful design and implementation of pleasingly built environments in which people live.

Ceramic art Ceramic art is art made from ceramic materials including claywhich may take forms such as potterytilefigurinessculptureand tableware. While some ceramic products are considered fine artsome are considered to be decorativeindustrialor applied art objects.

Ceramics may also be considered artefacts in archaeology. Ceramic art can be made by one person or by a group of people. In a pottery or ceramic factory, a group of people design, manufacture, and decorate the pottery. Products from a pottery are sometimes referred to as "art pottery.

In modern ceramic engineering usage, "ceramics" is the art and science of making objects from inorganic, non-metallic materials by the action of heat.

It excludes glass and mosaic made from glass tesserae. Conceptual art Main article: Conceptual art Conceptual art is art in which the concept s or idea s involved in the work takes precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.

The inception of the term in the s referred to a strict and focused practice of idea-based art that often defied traditional visual criteria associated with the visual arts in its presentation as text.

Drawing Drawing is a means of making an imageusing any of a wide variety of tools and techniques. It generally involves making marks on a surface by applying pressure from a tool, or moving a tool across a surface.

Common tools are graphite pencilspen and inkinked brusheswax colour pencilscrayonscharcoalspastelsand markers. Digital tools which can simulate the effects of these are also used.

The main techniques used in drawing are line drawing, hatchingcrosshatching, random hatching, scribbling, stipplingand blending. An artist who excels in drawing is referred to as a drafter, draftswoman, or draughtsman. Painting The Mona Lisaby Leonardo da Vinciis one of the most recognizable artistic paintings in the Western world.

Painting is a mode of creative expression, and can be done in numerous forms. Drawinggesture as in gestural paintingcompositionnarration as in narrative artor abstraction as in abstract artamong other aesthetic modes, may serve to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the practitioner.

Modern painters have extended the practice considerably to include, for example, collage. Collage is not painting in the strict sense since it includes other materials. Some modern painters incorporate different materials such as sandcementstrawwood or strands of hair for their artwork texture.

Fine art photography Photography as an art form refers to photographs that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer.

Arts in culture

Art photography stands in contrast to photojournalismwhich provides a visual account for news events, and commercial photography, the primary focus of which is to advertise products or services.

Sculpture Sculpture is the branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions. It is one of the plastic arts. Durable sculptural processes originally used carving the removal of material and modelling the addition of material, as clayin stonemetalceramicswood and other materials; but since modernismshifts in sculptural process led to an almost complete freedom of materials and process.

A wide variety of materials may be worked by removal such as carving, assembled by welding or modelling, or mouldedor cast.Explore Victoria, Texas! Located between Houston and Corpus Christi, Victoria is the perfect base camp for Coastal Bend region adventure.

It is one of the oldest cities in . Get culture news and reviews about the best art exhibits and museums, theater, comedy, dance, literature and events in Los Angeles, California.

Arts in culture

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Located between Houston and Corpus Christi, Victoria is the perfect base camp for Coastal Bend region adventure. It is one of the oldest cities in . Kent State’s performing and visual arts have a reach far beyond the borders of Ohio.

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