Anti racist writing assessment ecologies of parental engagement

The mission of the Leonardo book series, published by The MIT Press, is to publish texts by artists, scientists, researchers, and scholars that present innovative discourse on the convergence of art, science, and technology. Envisioned as a catalyst for enterprise, research, and creative and scholarly experimentation, the book series enables diverse intellectual communities to explore common grounds of expertise. The Leonardo book series provides a context for the discussion of contemporary practice, ideas, and frameworks in this rapidly evolving arena where art and science connect. Today we live in a different time of cross-disciplinary ferment, collaboration and intellectual confrontation enabled by new hybrid organizations, new funding sponsors, and the shared tools of computers and the Internet.

Anti racist writing assessment ecologies of parental engagement

Currently he is Coordinator of Knowledge Mobilization for ARNA and serves as President of the Social Publishers Foundation, which supports knowledge production and dissemination of practitioner research from a variety of social domains.

He also founded and directs the Action Research in School Counseling Initiative, which is a collaboration among programs incorporating action research in pre-service counselor education.

Cathy Bruce Cathy Bruce has been studying teaching and learning for 25 years and is a founding faculty ember of the Anti racist writing assessment ecologies of parental engagement University School of Education and Professional Learning. A former teacher, Cathy brings 14 years of classroom experience to her work as Full Professor and Dean of Education at Trent.

Cathy was awarded the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations teaching award in She has an active SSHRC federally funded research program through which she and her research team investigate teacher and student efficacy, the effectiveness of alternative models of professional learning for teachers, as well as mathematics teaching in the difficult-to-learn areas of fractions and algebra.

Another particularly exciting area of her research relates to mathematics for young children, involving teachers and other researchers as well as young students from JK-Grade 2, to investigate what children are capable of spatially and mathematically, given rich tasks and adequate support in an atmosphere of playful learning.

Her research consistently involves collaborating with educators in classrooms on areas of mutual interest through a cyclical process of Collaborative Action Research.

Cathy is a founding member of the Action Research Network of the Americas and was the recipient of the Eduardo Flores Leadership Award for her efforts to bring action researchers together internationally. Her research can be accessed at www.

Shosh has professional interests in teacher action research, curriculum negotiation, transactional approaches to teaching and learning, and urban education.

Handbook Contributors – International Handbook of Action Research While the first project fell short of CBR goals, it influenced how the author carried out the second project, which did meet those goals. The two experiences enabled the author to create a conceptual model that can be used to structure and evaluate CBR projects for those who aspire to a more radical form of community-based research.
Grad Fellows Event – Science & Justice Research Center We seek to hire a broadly trained medical or biocultural anthropologist who can create dynamic courses with a multifaceted approach.
Dwelling in Disagreement Other appropriate courses offered during the fall and spring semesters, or during the winter term, may be substituted for courses in category 2 at the discretion of the program director.

Recently retired from Pepperdine University, she directed the Educational Technologies MA Program and redesigned the program by placing action research at the core.

Her goal is to help innovative global educators transform their practices to ones that are informed and guided by action research. To accomplish this goal, she created the Open Online Course in Action Research — a set of twelve tutorials that are available for use or modification ccar.

She continues to evolve these resources with the goal of supporting practicing educators. Her research can be found on Researchgate. Contributors Jadambaa Badrakh, Ph. He now serves as a Consultant for teacher education policy for the university.

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His research areas are educational studies and action research with major publications concerning action research and research methodology. He has coordinated joint international projects on sustainable educational development and civil society capacity development in rural Mongolia.

She has carried out many commissioned action research and evaluation projects including two at the national level, one for the English nursing, midwifery and health visiting statutory body on education policy while at London University Institute of Education and the other in the National Health Service on quality in mental heath services while at Newcastle University.

She was an early advocate of involving service users in evaluating mental health services. More recently she directed the building of research capacity at the University of Cumbria across a range of caring professions, where she coordinated an inter-disciplinary Collaborative Action Research Network CARN group that provided the basis for developing action research, particularly among doctoral students.

He is a co-founder of the Semillas Digitales Digital Seeds program. Since he has been conducting a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada SSHRC -funded longitudinal study of 40 teachers of whom 19 began teaching in and 21 in ; funding for this study was recently renewed for another 5 years.

His action research Ph. He has worked in teacher education and high schools around the world. Since he has participated in a Transformative Education for Gross National Happiness project with schools in Bhutan.

anti racist writing assessment ecologies of parental engagement

Over the course of her career, she has worked with a wide range of early years services, schools and other educational stakeholders, community groups, voluntary and statutory agencies along with different initiatives.

She teaches in the areas of primary mathematics education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research focuses on the mathematical knowledge, beliefs and practices of primary teachers, student engagement in mathematics and their development of computational strategies.

Her publications reflect her ongoing interest in understanding how teachers in Mongolia interpret and use action research in their classrooms. For the past fourteen years he has been the editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Action Research.

He is the founder and past-president of the Canadian Association for Action Research in Education, and has published widely on the history of teaching and teacher education in Canada.

She is currently completing her Ph. Her research has examined action research and the interaction between teaching, research and university extension. Rosalind Cooper Rosalind Cooper is a freelance educator working in universities, schools, companies and public sector organizations teaching Educational Sciences, Sustainability and English Language.

She also teaches in pre-service and in-service teacher education programs, including the Transformative Education for Gross National Happiness project in Bhutan that is the focus of her doctoral action research at the University of Oulu, Finland.

He is a founding member of the Manyano Schools Network through which he encourages the use of action research to develop action leadership in schools. Her research is international in its focus, and she is especially interested in the incorporation of emancipatory methods within a paradigm of participatory research.

Deacon works closely with community groups as an engaged scholar who advances knowledge through collaborative locality-based projects. Catherine Dean Catherine Dean, Ph. She is making a significant contribution to introducing action research to the academy in East Africa by fostering its use among postgraduate students and making public the action research carried out by teacher practitioners in Kenya.

Her research areas are world history and educational studies. She is the author of several history textbooks.Margaret is author of the award-winning book Community Development: A critical approach, founded on her Freirean-feminist-anti-racist praxis. Terry Locke His main research interests are the teaching of writing, the teaching of literature, policy issues in subject English, and disciplinary literacies.

Welcome to the Convention! Here you can search the schedule, create your own personalized schedule, and connect with the attendees. Join Free Radicals, a Los Angeles-based feminist and anti-racist community organization of scientists, that aims to incorporate a critical social justice lens into science, for an interactive workshop on feminist practices and socially conscious frameworks for building feminist research and engineering practices.

AMST Beyond Intersectionality: Developing Anti-Racist and Anti-Capitalist Feminisms (Spring ) Nearly thirty years ago, Kimberlé Crenshaw published the theory of “intersectionality,” in which she argued that racism and sexism collide to make black women’s marginalization distinct from those of both white women and black men .

Drawing on Badiou’s writing, we develop new insights on some central notions of the discourse on “disability.” We offer eight agonistic, . The principles of CBR align with many of the principles of social justice education articulated by Bigelow, Christensen, Karp, Miner, & Peterson (Rethinking Schools, ) in that CBR is based on using a critical lens and promoting a perspective that is anti-racist, pro-justice, visionary, and activist oriented.

anti racist writing assessment ecologies of parental engagement
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