A study on environmental degradation in beijing china

Half of the world's wetlands were lost last century. Logging and conversion have shrunk the world's forests by as much as half.

A study on environmental degradation in beijing china

Global carbon dioxide emissions by country. Various forms of pollution have increased as China have industrialized which has caused widespread environmental and health problems. As of Beijing, which lies in a topographic bowl, has significant industry, and heats with coal, is subject to air inversions resulting in extremely high levels of pollution in winter months.

Northern China will receive particular attention, as the government aims to reduce air emissions by 25 percent bycompared with levels, in those areas where pollution is especially serious. In Januaryfine airborne particulates that pose the largest health risks, rose as high as micrograms per cubic meter in Beijing, compared with World Health Organization guidelines of no more than The World Bank estimates that 16 of the world's most-polluted cities are located in China.

In particular, car ownership has skyrocketed. InChina added a record 17 million new cars to the road and car ownership reached million. Demographics of the People's Republic of China and One-child policy China currently has the world's largest population but population growth is very slow in part due to the one-child policy.

The environmental issues are also negatively affecting the people living in China. Because of the emissions created from the factories, the number of people diagnosed with cancer in China has increased.

Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer that is plaguing the population. Inthere were more than 4. However, indue to fears of a recession, tax incentives and state financing were introduced for rapid industrialization.

This may have contributed to the rapid development of very energy inefficient heavy industry.

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Chinese steel factories used one-fifth more energy per ton than the international average. Cement needed 45 percent more power, and ethylene needed 70 percent more than the average.

Chinese buildings rarely had thermal insulation and used twice as much energy to heat and cool as those in the Europe and the United States in similar climates. The report stated that this goal likely was achieved or nearly achieved.

A study on environmental degradation in beijing china

Animal welfare and rights in China A survey by Prof. Li, a few Chinese zoos are improving their welfare practices, but many remain "outdated", have poor conditions, use live feeding, and employ animals for performances.

The protesters initially succeeded in halting the project, worth 3. A second round of protests occurred in October and police engaged aggressively with around 1, protesters on this occasion, leading to 50 arrests and almost injuries according to reports from the Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, a Hong Kong-based rights group.

According to the Xinhua news agency, 16 protesters from Qidong were sentenced in early to between 12 and 18 months in prison; however, 13 were granted a reprieve on the grounds that they had confessed and repented.The article presents a review of environmental degradation and its threats in China.

Air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, soil degradation, sand depositing in dams, decaying urban infrastructure, and more and more hazards such as floods, landslides and soil erosion are major consequences.

Environmental issues in China are plentiful, severely affecting the country's biophysical environment and human plombier-nemours.com industrialisation, as well as lax environmental oversight, are main contributors to these problems..

The Chinese government has acknowledged the problems and made various responses, resulting in some improvements, but the responses have been criticized as inadequate.

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